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Idiosyncratic Papyrological Character

Definition: 1) represent character in a papyrus which is idiosyncratic or rare; 2) appears as a Latin S without its top in Flavius Arrianus (0074 018); 3) emphasizes the words at start and end of title in Carneiscus (1244 002); 4) digit 7 which may be a badly written tau in Philodemus (1595 107); 5) Latin letter ezh in Magica (5002 001, 3.370); 6) a long s, possibly a character in a code, in Magica (5002 004); 7) a large decorative pattern of thunderbolts as axes of octagon around nine hollow dots in square pattern in Scholia in Homerum (5026 001, 14pap9.subsc.9)

Status: allowed

Usage: in corpus