The Beta Code Manual

  • This table gives the Beta Codes for the Greek alphabet, diacritics and punctuation.
  • This information is sufficient for almost all searches on the TLG website.
  • An annotated (.pdf) version of the complete Beta Code Manual is also available. Download the complete Beta Code manual
  • For easy reference, click here to obtain a Quick Reference Guide to Beta Code (with its Unicode equivalents).


Alpha A          Nu N
Beta B          Xi C
Gamma G          Omicron O
Delta D          Pi P
Epsilon E          Rho R
Zeta Z          Sigma S
Eta H          Tau T
Theta Q          Upsilon U
Iota I          Phi F
Kappa K          Chi X
Lambda L          Psi Y
Mu M          Omega W
Smooth breathing )          Period .
Rough breathing (          Apostrophe ,
Acute /      Colon :
Grave \          Question Mark ;
Circumflex =          Hyphen -
Iota subscript |          Dash _
Uppercase Letters
  • To type uppercase letters, prefix each letter with an asterisk, *. E.g. *P*L*A*T*W*N
  • On lowercase letters these are keyed in the order: (1) letter, (2) breathing, (3) accent, (4) iota subscript. E.g. W(=|
  • On uppercase letters these are keyed in the order: (1) asterisk, (2) breathing, (3) accent, (4) letter, (5) iota subscript. E.g. *(=W|