Q: What are the current subscription options to the Online TLG® for individuals?
A: For individuals we offer subscriptions for one year ($140.00).

Q: How do I subscribe and how can I make payment?
A: Go to the Subscriptions page and follow the instructions to sign up. Once you create an account you will be forwarded to a secure server where you can make a payment by credit card.

Individuals may also make payment via check (US Dollars only) payble to The Regents of the University of California and sent directly to the TLG Project at:

TLG Project
University of California
220 University Tower
Irvine CA 92697-5550

or via wire transfer. Please contact the project directly for wire transfer routing information.


Q: What is the price for institutional unlimited web access?
A: The pricing schedule for online access to the TLG is based on the size of the institution and the estimated number of anticipated users (not simultaneous users). At the time of renewal, the level of usage is also taken into consideration in determining the renewal price.

Q: How is the price for unlimited web access determined?
A: The TLG Project is a non-profit academic unit. We charge fees to recover our costs and we make every effort to keep the cost of institutional access as low as possible. The cost is determined based upon the size of the institution and the number of users at the institution. Prior to determining the cost of a new subscription, we ask institutions to fill out a questionnaire to give us a better idea about their anticipated use. At the time of renewal actual usage is also taken into consideration in determining the price.

Q: If we have signed a three-year license, can we cancel our subscription before the end of the licencing period?
A: Institutional subscribers to the online version may cancel at any time. An administrative fee will be applied if you cancel before the end of the year of your subscription.

Q: How is online access provided?
A: Online access is provided via IP address authentication. Additionally, institutional users are asked to create a profile with a username and password to access the data. Users who connect via institutional IPs are directed to the full TLG corpus. Users connecting via non -institutional IPs are forwarded to the Abridged (Open Access) version. This is change from the original system where login for institutional users is optional.

Q: I am an institutional user. Do I need a username and password to access the TLG.
A: Yes. You do need a username and password even if you are are an institutional user. You also need to authenticate via your institutional proxy or VPN in order to access the Full corpus. If you do not connect via an authorized IP, our system will direct you to the Abridged corpus. You do not need a separate account to view open access materials. Our system checks your IP and will direct you to the full or Abridged corpus depending on your credentials.Our Privacy Policy is linked to all pages.

Q: How do I configure our proxy to access the new TLG interface.?
A: The TLG does not have expertise in proxy configuration. Each proxy is different and settings may vary from one institution to another.

For OCLC proxy configuration instructions, please visit:

OCLC recommends the following stanza:

HTTPHeader X-Requested-With
Title Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

For institutions with certificate specifications we recommend the following stanza:

ProxyHostnameEdit ^$ stephanus-tlg-uci-edu
HTTPHeader X-Requested-With
Title Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

If you are still having trouble accessing the site, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.


Q: How do I cancel my license?
A: To cancel your subscription, please send us a note (email) indicating your desire to cancel. We are sorry, we cannot issue refunds for one-year susbcriptions.

Q: Do we have to return our CD ROM when we get the web license?
A: Yes, all institutions and individuals must return their CD ROMs when their CD ROM subscription expires and switch to online access. Please note that in accordance with the TLG® license agreement, the TLG disk remains property of the Regents of the University of California and must be returned at the end or cancellation of the subscription.

Q: Can we have access to the online version on a trial basis?
A: Unfortunately, we do not provide any trial usage. However, interested individuals and institutions may preview the entire Canon of Greek Authors and Works and our Abridged version, both open to the public. The Abridged version contains a smaller corpus of texts with the same search capabilities.

Q: Where do I send my payment to?
A: Payments by check must be sent to:

University of California Irvine
IRVINE, CA 92697-1975
Please reference the invoice number on the check. Payment by check must be made by check in US dollars.

For credit card or wire transfer, please contact Project for details.

Q: I received a past due notice. What should I do?
A: If you have an outstanding invoice, the UC Irvine Campus Billing Office will automatically send out late notices. If you feel you have received such a notice in error, contact the TLG Project directly. If you have an outstanding balance, please send your payment to the TLG as soon as possible.


Q: Can I order a CD ROM subscription and what is the most current version of the TLG CD ROM?
A: The TLG issued its last disk (CD ROM E) in 1999. The project has no plans to produce another CD ROM (or DVD) version of its corpus and is focusing its resources on online dissemination. We are no longer issuing or renewing CD ROM licenses. In accordance with the TLG® License Agreement, all subscribers are asked to return their disk and switch to online access.

Q: Can I buy the TLG CD ROM?
A: TLG CD ROMs were never sold. They were licensed for a renewable 5-year period. We are no longer issuing or renewing CD ROM licenses and we are not distributing the TLG in CD ROM format. All subscribers are encouraged to convert to online access.

Q: Where do I return the TLG CD ROM?
A: Please return your disk to:

TLG Project

UC Irvine
220 University Tower
Irvine, CA 92697-5550

Q: What if my CD ROM has been lost, stolen or broken?
A: Since we are no longer distributing CD ROMs, we are unable to replace lost or stolen disks.

For any other questions, please contact the Project.