The TLG® Canon of Greek Authors and Works

2022 OUP Publication cover The TLG® Canon of Authors and Works is a searchable database and a bibliographic guide to the authors and works included in the TLG® Digital Library. It provides biographical information about each author (i.e. date by century and epithets that identify the place of birth or literary activity and the genre each author is associated with).

Each author is identified by a four-digit number; each work is identified by a three-digit number. For example, Homer is author 0012. Homer's Iliad is identified as 0012.001. The structure of each text is further identified by its particular citation. To use the same example, Homer's Iliad is cited as book/line (0012.001.1.1).

The TLG® Canon is a well-established standard used by all digital projects across the globe. The Online Canon, now edited by Maria Pantelia, has grown substantially as the TLG® has expanded into the Byzantine and early modern periods. The Online Canon contains a subset of the bibliographic research performed at the TLG, currently 10,000 works from 2,000 authors. It is regularly updated to include new entries added to the TLG® Digital Library.

The printed version of the Canon with information about 4,500 authors and 20,000 works was published by UC Press in April 2022.

For information or suggestions, please contact Maria Pantelia.

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