TLG Subscriptions

The TLG® Digital Library is available to individuals and institutions by subscription (one or five-years). At the end of the licensing period, users may elect to cancel their subscription or renew it.

A smaller corpus (Abridged TLG®) is open to the public free of charge. It contains authors that have traditionally been used in college level instruction of Greek as well as editions that have been replaced in the full corpus by newer or different ones.

No subscription is needed but visitors will be asked to create a guest account and login with a user name and password.


Individuals may subscribe for one or five years. Access is provided through password protected login.

Please note the payment must be made with your personal credit card. We do not accept third party payments.


Institutions may obtain either a SITE license or a license to access the TLG® from specific WORKSTATIONS.

The SITE license is meant to provide online access to the TLG® data to all members of an academic institution or similar entity who connect via an authorized institutional IP address. The cost of this subscription depends on the size of the institution (total number of FTEs) and the number of anticipated users. Access by site license is the recommended model for institutions. For more information, please contact the

The WORKSTATION subscription is meant to accommodate small departments/programs with a few users. Access is provided via specific and dedicated IPs in the same location. Proxy or VPN access is not allowed.

Please note that this subscription does not refer to the number of simultaneous users. Only single workstations will be given access under this kind of subscription.

Subscription Cost:

Workstation (5 years) Site license Individuals
1-3 Workstations: $2,500 Five years with the possibility of annual payments 5 years: $500.00
4-7 Workstations: $4,000 Contact the One year $140.00


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License Agreements

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Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact the TLG Project

Additional information

The TLG does not make use of commercial vendors. Institutions must contact our office to request subscription information.

We do not accept institutional payments for individual subscriptions.