• Diotima Images Diotima, the Web site for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World, includes an extensive list of links to archives of images.

  • The Beazley Archive. The original Beazley archive of photographs (c.250,000), notes, drawings and books relating to ancient Greek art has been catalogued under the direction of Dr Donna Kurtz at the University of Oxford. A large number of images from this collection can be seen online.

  • Images of Roman Emperors by Justin Paola (Univ. of Arizona), is a list of Roman Emperors with dates and images.

  • The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan provides access to its collections and current documents. Materials include selections of glass, sculpture, coins and wall paintings from Karanis, Egypt, and some objects from the Museum's galleries and collections.

  • Literacy and Orality, images of writing from Greek art (mostly fifth century red-figure pottery) that include representations of literacy and orality in the same frame.

  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome: Leo Curran has made available a large number (over 2100) of images--primarily photographs of Greek and Roman architecture--for the use of teachers and students of Classics.

  • Trajan's Column is a site designed to the Column of Trajan as a sculptural monument. The core of the site is a searchable database of over 500 images focusing on various aspects of the design and execution of the column's sculptural decoration. The images (slides and drawings) were generated by sculptor Peter Rockwell, over the course of his study of Roman stone-carving practices.