Professional Organizations for Classics

National and International Organizations:
  • American Academy in Rome The Home page of the American Academy in Rome provides information about the Academy, its history and various programs.

  • The Society for Classical Studies (formerly The American Philological Association). The page provides information about the organization and access toits Publications, the Directory of SCS members, Officers and Committees, Placement Service and Positions for Classicists. The site also provides an electronic version of the the Annual Meeting Program (with links to abstracts) and links to other Associations and resources for Classics.

  • American Classical League. The ACL Home Page provides links to ACL Services and useful Internet resources.

  • American School for Classical Studies at Athens The Home Page contain general information about the School, its administration, publications and various projects.

  • The American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy Home Page offers information about the society, its executive board and membership as well as announcements of interest to epigraphers.

  • The Archaeological Institute of America Home Page offers information about Institute meetings and events; a list of officers, staff, and board members; tour information; AIA publications information; the AIA Code of Ethics and the AIA Code of Professional Standards; membership information; fellowship information; a list of local societies and affiliates, each with local contact person (linked to Web sites for local societies, where available); and current projects of the Institute. The page is maintained by the AIA Committee on Computer Applications and Electronic Data.

  • The Home page of the Association of Ancient Historians contains information about the organization and its activities.

  • Classical Association of Canada / Societe/Canadienne des e/tudes classiques: Information about the organization, its activities and publications are available at this site.

  • The Classical Association is the largest association in Great Britain. Its Web site offers information about membership, the organization, its activities and journals and benefits to its members.

  • Classical Association of ScotlandThe site provides general information about the Association and its meetings, a listing of related societies in Scotland, links to other organizations in the UK, and a section on recent publications from Scottish universities.

  • Ploutarchos, the International Plutarch Society maintains a Home Page with information about its journal and upcoming conferences.

  • Vergilian Society. General information about the organization as well as about Villa Virgiliana and the Classical Summer School, and Vergilius, the journal of the Society.

  • Women's Classical Caucus (WCC) Information about the goals, activities, initiatives and membership of WSS.

Regional Associations: State Associations:
  • California Classical Association (South)

  • California Classical Association--Northern Section

  • Classical Association of the Empire State Information about the association and links to other regional organizations, placement services and Classics resources

  • Classical Association of Virginia Announcements, information about the activities of the Classical Association of Virginia and links to other classical associations and web resources.

  • Illinois Classical Conference is a statewide organization of high school and college teachers of Latin and Greek. Its Home Page includes the current issue of the Augur,the ICC newsletter, information about upcoming events and conferences and links to other classical organizations.

  • The Maryland Junior Classical League Home page provides general information about the Maryland Junior Classical League, a realtime Java chat over the WWW for students, teachers, professors, and enthusiasts of the Classics, the Certamen Questions Bank, the official webpage of the Medusa Mythology Exam and a section called Fabulae: (interactive Stories set in Ancient Rome and Greece)

  • The New Jersey Classical Association Web Page provides information about the organization, upcoming events in the New Jersey area, scholarships and links to other Classics resources.

  • North Carolina Classical Association. Information about the organization, its meetings, newsletter, links to other classics sites, scholarships, and a report on the International Baccalaureate program

  • Ohio Classical Conference Information about the OCC Convention, e-mail addresses of OCC members and other information.

  • The Ontario Classical Association has a Home Page with information about membership, the history of the organization, its on line Newsletter, and links to Classics resources.

  • Pennsylvania Classical Association. General information about the organization, its membership, officers, a job bulletin board and links to web resources.

  • The Tennessee Classical Association contains information about the association, its officers, placement service, announcements, and links to otehr sites.

  • The Washington Classical Society is an organization dedicated to promoting an appreciation of the cultural legacy of Classical Greece and Rome throughout the Washington D.C. area. Its Home Page provides information about the Society, its members and links to other WWW resources.