Text Archives

  • The Abridged version of the Online Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Library (TLG) offers a large number of texts for browsing and searching (with the TLG search engine).

  • Bibliotheca Augustana is a new electronic Latin text archive created by Ulrich Harsch. It contains a number of texts (either residing in the same site or accessible through links to other sites) organized by date or alphabetical order and prefaced by brief biographical information for each author. A very nicely organized and presented site.

  • Homer The Greek text of Homer edited by Helmut van Thiel, University of Cologne (Olms:1991/96) is available on-line.

  • The Gutenberg Project encourages the creation and distribution of English language electronic texts. The project takes books whose copyright has expired, converts them into text files and makes them available to the public at no charge.

  • The Latin Library is a large selection of html formatted Latin texts collected and mantained by William L. Carey at Ad Fontes Academy.

  • The Perseus Project contains a number of Greek and Latin Authors together with translations as well as morphological and lexicographical resources.

  • Pietho's Web includes the translations and commentary in H.T. Wharton's Sappho (120 fragments) with Wharton's biography and select secondary sources, and links; Empedocles' fragments in unicode Greek and W.E. Leonard's English translation, with Diogenes' Laertius' Life of Empedocles, translated by C.D. Yonge; Cicero's De Inventioni, the C.D. Yonge translation with section by section links to the Latin Library; a translation of Lives of the 10 Orators; and The Rhys Roberts translations of Demetrius' On Style and Longinus' On the Sublime.

  • The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia includes thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts in English, French, German and Latin, some of which are limited to UVa users and some are available to the general public.